Hi, I’m a millennial, and like most of us I have no effing clue where my life is going. I have dreams, sure, but the reality right now is pretty bleak. It’s zero-hour contracts, temporary jobs, and no idea whether things are going to get better or not. It’s still living at home with my parents, applying to hundreds of jobs a month, and seeing the rejections rolling in from all corners of the country. It’s seeing my friends all achieving whilst I am not, and it’s spending countless nights scrolling social media to see everyone else’s perfect lives.

I say, enough is enough. One thing I’ve learnt by banging on all these locked doors is I don’t want the ‘checklist’. I don’t want what my friends have, so why am I made to feel bad about it?

All our lives are a little bit shit and I wanted to talk about that. Instead of the shiny veneer of perfection, let’s talk about the fissures underneath. The good, the bad, the ugly. There will be complaining, there will be advice, and I’ll try to keep it at least a tiny bit funny.

Who’s in?

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