The Truth About Perfection (Birthday Ramble)

The truth about perfection is it doesn’t exist. Yet, we see it every minute of every day online. Especially on birthdays. I thought I’d be a bit different this year. Instead of a haul or a boast about how amazing my life is, or how lucky I am, I’m going to share my unfiltered reality…

In so far as the ‘checklist’ goes I’m failing on every count. I’m 26 (today!), have holes in my boots, and still live with my parents. I lived alone for two years but couldn’t afford the rent. It was driving me into the ground trying to. I’ve had a series of zero hour, temporary, part time jobs, but can never secure a ‘proper’ one. Despite having a BSc and an MA.

For all the social media beach pics, and staged festival shots, pretty much everyone my age is living the same experience. The experience of rejection. Not talking about it made me feel alone for a very long time.

I’ve written five full novels, and one half novel, which collectively have been rejected by every agent in the handbook at some point. I do, however, have health, fitness, and a dream. A dream so large and incendiary it’ll burn a hole through all the naysayers until it’s achieved.

Getting on top now isn’t about securing a job at twenty-one or staying in a job for twenty years. It’s working hard and getting knocked back time and time again, but persevering anyway. It’s refusing to listen to people who tell you to settle, and stop believing in something better.

As for me, I’m making slow, small break throughs every day. Break throughs that make me so excited I can’t sleep. And I’m happy. Gasp! Now, there’s something no-one asks you about in the pub.

Life is never perfect, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be good.

Happy July, folks.


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