The Truth About Failure

“You can’t live on only X you’ll need way more than that. Well, it depends what your partner earns. You know, when you eventually find one.”

“There are millions of people trying to be published authors. What makes you think they’d choose you? That doesn’t happen to people like us.”

“Come on. When are you going to get a proper job?”

I’ve been told all the above by well-meaning friends, acquaintances, and—in the case of the last one—a barrage of total strangers. Number two I got told at the age of fifteen on the school bus because it’s never too early to crush a dream!

I’m basically the designated failure friend. I’m poor as s***, have never had a truly stable job (despite years of trying), and have enough rejections to paper all the walls in the house I’ll never afford.

However, despite this, I don’t feel like a failure. Not anymore. GASP!

But here’s my question: What even is failure?

People have a lot of views on this but essentially failure is the most subjective thing you can think of. One person might think having little money is a failure. Whilst others may have a different mark of success. Some may believe a steady salaried job to be success, others may believe it would be a personal failure to work for someone else forever (*points to self*). I think, though, what we all need to agree on is other people are not failures just because they’re living different lives.

You are not a failure because you are living a different life.

The world needs all sorts of people (and yes that includes people without ‘steady’ jobs. Because, think about it, is any job 100% stable now-a-days?). We need office workers, waiters, bus drivers, just like we need freelancers. From creatives to farmers everyone matters. Let’s stop comparing each other’s lives and just be proud of each other!

[If you want to hear my British tones discussing How Not to Feel Like a Failure (yay for jolly topics) I just uploaded my first class onto Skillshare! Follow the link to watch]


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