5 Tips for Travelling Alone

Summer is well and truly underway now, we’re all sick of the heat, but a lot of people are jetting off to even hotter climes. So, with solo travel happening more and more, here are my top tips to remaining safe.

  1. Act confident.

The key to success in many environments is to fake it until you make it. Walking with confidence is so important when travelling alone. To be blunt, you’re far less likely to be attacked when you look like you’re too much trouble. Look fierce! (Psst if you’re using maps turn off the sound. Nothing screams vulnerable like someone lost.)

  1. Avoid telling people you’re alone.

If you’re a woman you’ll get asked where you’re staying a lot. You’ll also be asked if you’re travelling alone. Wherever possible always say no. Make up a group of friends, a partner, who cares? Just so long as whoever you’re talking to thinks you have a host of people waiting for you to return to them in a few minutes. This also applies to your online posts. Don’t share all over social media that you’re travelling alone. I know you’re proud of yourself but don’t do it!

  1. Don’t social media in real time.

Linking to the above, it’s so tempting when travelling alone to keep your Instagram stories updated, or to share every piece of your travels on Twitter (especially as you don’t have people with you to tell), but avoid doing it in real time. Post those photos once you’ve left the location they were taken in.

  1. Watch the background.

We all want to post hotel selfies and other such pictures. However, be aware of hotel names sewn into dressing gowns, signs behind you, anything that can give people your location.

  1. Stay aware

It’ll sound extremely obvious but remain aware of your surroundings. Notice the people around you and the areas you’re walking into. If something feels weird get out. Listen to your instincts–there’s a reason you have them.

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