5 Millennial Winter Essentials 

There are a lot of haul blogs at the moment listing items you can’t survive the winter without. Usually things like high end lipstick in an ‘winter’ shade make an appearance. (God forbid you spend the winter with pink lips not the cool blue of the recently risen—the disaster of such a thing would be catastrophic!) So, I thought I’d do my own take on these hauls and give you my top 5 millennial winter essentials.

(Side note/ disclaimer/ whatever: I do follow a lot of beauty blogs, and I bloody love them, but I’m bitter because I can’t afford any of the shizz they advertise…)
  1. An oversized jumper

To cocoon ourselves away from the cold outside world as we sit in our childhood bedrooms and pretend we’re not quite as screwed as we actually are. Like that logic, though, it’ll probably have a few holes in it.

  1. Avocados

For general health and piss-taking reasons. There’s a lot of avocado themed merchandise around now too but alas we’re all too poor to buy it. Irony, you heartless bastard.

  1. Caffeine

Having stayed up half the night applying for jobs, sorting things out for our current jobs, and generally worrying about the impending future (e.g. poverty, unemployment, climate change, and all the people who think climate change is a hoax…) we need something to keep us awake. Pop said caffeinated beverage in an Instagram-worthy mug and you have one happy millennial.

  1. A proper job

No-one is quite sure what this is, but everyone is sure you must have one. And by golly they will ask if you do—over and over again until you want to smash something into a million pieces (possibly your dreams). Oh, and you must procure said “proper job” before Christmas. No-one is quite sure of the reason for this either but it is, apparently, imperative.

  1. Smart phone

Because, duh. We need at least one thing to keep us sane, alright? Baby boomers had their spitfires, typewriters, and job security. We have our phones.

(Because I couldn’t mention beauty bloggers without recommending one here’s a quick shout-out to Mahala who often talks about makeup/fashion/etc. we millennials can afford: https://mahalafashion.com/)


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