My Introvert’s Guide to Halloween

Halloween can seem scary for more than the obvious reasons when you’re an introvert (parties, ah!), but I believe Halloween was made for us. So, to help you get through this spooktacular season here’s my introvert’s guide to Halloween.

  • Wear a costume!

As an introvert I think there’s nothing better than being a whole new person for a few hours. It’s the one day of the year we can hide from the world in plain sight. Masks, hoods, and capes are all socially acceptable. (May I suggest dressing as an 18th century woman? You get to wear your own ‘personal space cage’ around your waist! I’m convinced that’s why panniers were invented—in a time of female oppression women gave a middle finger to the man by making sure they couldn’t get within a few feet of them via sheer skirt size. Yes, ladies!)

  • Cook/ bake.

If anything this is just a fabulous excuse to spend a few hours on Pinterest. (And, if you’re me, get a Pinterest Fails blog ready to submit to…) You can even have a little dinner gathering and theme all the food to Halloween. On the other hand, you could still make lots of Halloween themed food, and eat it all yourself.

  • Host.

Hate leaving the house for all those Halloween parties? Despite the fact you can hide beneath a sheet for the entire night and not be given side-eye? Well, then host your own party! Get creative with snacks, binge watch horror stuff, and stay in the comfort of your own home. Invite only the people you feel comfortable being around, set your own tone, and kick them all out when you’re done. Lovely jubbly.

  • Have a film night.

Although parties are so much more bearable for us introverts on Halloween (hello dark clothing and costumes) some people still recoil from the idea. Well, never fear, staying in and binge-watching Netflix is also fine on Halloween. Provided what you’re watching is somewhat horror themed and your sweets are in the shape of spiders.

  • Know the law.

Trick or treaters can be an anxiety inducing concept if you don’t like speaking to strangers. Heck, it is odd that we tell kids to knock on stranger’s doors and take their sweets. But if you don’t want to answer the door to them you don’t have to. And if kids egg your house, or get abusive, that is still against the law just like any other day of the year.

  • Look after number one.

Sounds obvious but you know what you like and how much socialisation you can handle. Don’t get dragged down with peer pressure and expectation. If you don’t want to do a damn thing over Halloween, don’t do anything. If you do want to go to a party, then darn well go. If you want to sit in your duvet and pretend no-one’s home, well then help yourself. And if like me you are a massive chicken and cannot even watch the adverts of horror films without getting scared, don’t think you have to watch them just to ‘fit in’. We all like different things. You do you.

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