My Best Bits of 2018

At the end of the year I have the tendency to focus on what I haven’t achieved. There will inevitably be a few days where I feel down and locked into thinking about what didn’t go right this year. On paper I’ve gone back several places in 2018 and it kinda sucks when it comes to telling people what I’m currently up to. BUT I really want to have a space where I rehash some of the things that went well and made me happy. So here are my best bits of 2018.

  • I received several full, partial, and Twitter manuscript requests from agents (I feel closer than ever to landing an agent!).
  • I attended the ‘Get a Job in Publishing’ conference with a bursary from Kit de Vaal (who is a LEGEND check out her novels posthaste).


  • Was paired with Aisha Bushby for Write Mentor 2018. And had the best time through Write Mentor in general. It was hard work but 100% worth it. Aisha is amazing, so even if all I gained from Write Mentor is her as a friend it’ll have been a massive success.


  • The Pairing Fire, in general. I’m so proud of this book and whilst I wrote it last year, this year has seen it transform, and become a much stronger book. I love the characters and the story so much!


  • YA Prom. Need I say more? I got to dress up (even if I had several wardrobe malfunctions…) and meet some amazing new friends.


  • Austria. I travelled work and it was in fact my second time in Innsbruck but it is one of the most stunning places (everywhere looks like a painting!).


  • Edinburgh. It’s still my favourite city. I want to move there. Someone please employ me so I can!


  • Belgium. It’s gorgeous, and humbling, and amazing.


  • Visited Wilfred Owen’s grave. HUGE bucket list tick. HUUUUUGE.


So now it’s your turn! What have been the best bits of 2018 for you? Comment your blog links if you’ve already put up a similar blog post yourself 😃. AND MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU BUNCH OF LEGENDS!

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