Ask B

I started this blog to make people feel less alone. In the spirit of that, I started thinking about everyone who still can’t speak to friends. Or who perhaps don’t have anyone they can talk to. Those of you struggling in silence. Thus, I decided to start an advice segment. If you don’t have people to spill to, or you do but you don’t know how, write in. I want to help people as a life goal and I want to help YOU in particular.

Your questions will remain always anonymous, I will never EVER share your name or any details, I’ll simply answer and advise as best I can (I’m actually pretty good at advice. I have a cheeky little psychology degree if you need evidence. I might finally get to use it! I didn’t waste that 30-grand after all.).

Ask B, maybe it’ll take off?

They always say to be the person you needed when you were younger and I really did need an anonymous source of advice like this. So, onto the logistics…

My contact form is here or you can send an anonymous ask via my Tumblr here. If this takes off I’ll open a special email account, but we’ll see how this goes first!

I’ll reiterate the fact I shall never ever share the details of people who write in questions to me. Because that would be the dickiest of dick moves. Trust is the key in all of this. Your queries are and shall always be 100% anonymous, but if they get picked for answering it will be posted anonymously on this blog with my answer. I repeat the word anonymous again for emphasis. (If you want advice without me posting your query on my blog you just need to state that in the message and I’ll do what I can.) Louder for the people in the back—anonymous!! Never fear.

What can I help you with, my loves?

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