I Moved to Edinburgh!

Admittedly, moving to Edinburgh on the week of my period was a bad idea. I felt way more emotions than I otherwise would. I cried on my dog the evening before I left (he didn’t care at all—just sighed and tried to move away). However, despite still feeling emotionally fragile, and after four stages of travel spread over as many days, I made it to Edinburgh in one piece.

Stage One: I left Cornwall by car on the thirteenth of October and got dropped at Plymouth Bus Station by my sister and dog. (I tried to hug Blu again. He was too interested in going out for his walk so wanted none of my affection. He’s basically a cat.). To make my emotions run higher, an hour into my bus journey the driver crashed into a sign. Leaving us stuck in Exeter for an hour waiting for an engineer to replace the wing-mirror. I was a little worried I wouldn’t even make it out of Devon. Alas, I eventually made it to Bristol and met my parents off their flight from Italy. Stage one complete. Up yours crash omens!

Stage Two: This stage was blissfully uneventful. We drove to South Shields in one piece, and spent the fourteenth visiting extended family. Lots of tea was drunk and two chows were cuddled.

Stage Three: Edinburgh! After another three hours in the car, we arrived. Granted we were in a hotel again on the night of the fifteenth, but I quite liked having that transition. Anxiety’s a bitch and it really makes moving in with strangers more difficult than it already is. One last night in a hotel was fabulous. As was going to Edinburgh Castle and grabbing some really good haggis from the Gourmet Mash Company.

Stage Four: Following a tour of the Royal Yacht Britannia, a walk along the waterfront, and a browse at some in-window job ads at the local shopping centre, I finally moved into my new flat. Which is where I am as I type this. I’m still feeling anxious, as usual, and a little emotional—that lost, questioning, sad feeling you get when you step really far out of your comfort zone and begin questioning what the HELL you’re doing. But my new flatmates all seem lovely and the flat itself is nice. I’ve been down this road before. The joy and excitement will follow.

So here’s to the next chapter in my life, I suppose.

Stay tuned.

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