How To Be Kind

Be kind. We’ve been hearing that a lot over the past week and it’s a marvel we still need to be reminded. Just be fucking kind. How can it be that hard?

But what, pray tell, even is kindness? Is it buying a charity t-shirt that says ‘be kind’ on but was made in a foreign sweat shop? Emphatically no. Kindness itself is free! (But if you do want to give to charity donate direct.) Is it an act of kindness if you’ll only donate to charity to get something back (beyond the warm fuzzy feeling of being a decent human being)? Food for thought.

Is kindness doing a good deed specifically to put it on social media to get ten thousand likes? Again, in my opinion, no. This is all my personal opinion, you do you, but I hate when people brag about their good deeds on social media. Selfies of guys helping old ladies across the road with comments like ‘you’re a hero’ and ‘we need more people like you’ make me roll my eyes so hard. Yes, the good deed was done. Happy days. But why share it? It always seems a lot less selfless then.

Now, the concept of kindness is so subjective. What some people think is kind others will think is not. It’s the nature of the human beast. And who the hell even am I to tell you how to conduct your own kindness? But (look at me doing it anyway!) I reckon kindness is more than just a single deed, a logo, or a tweet. It’s a (vomit now) way of life. It’s helping someone because they need it, knowing you’ll probably get no recognition. It’s making someone’s life a tiny bit easier even if they may not ever know it was you. Being praised feels great, I know, but sometimes the kind thing will go unacknowledged and that’s OK too. It still happened if it didn’t end up on social media.

In essence (and we all knew this was coming) kindness is just trying your best not to be a dick. It’s thinking for at least half a second before you speak and not just about how your words or actions will effect you. Say thank you to your barista, or cleaner, or recycling person. Actually do your recycling (which is saying a huge thank you to the planet), and smile at someone. Anyone. At least sometimes.

Are any of us going to be perfect? Heck no. I’m fully aware I’ve probably caused harm in my life. There are times I’ve not been kind when I certainly could have been. We all fuck up but we must try anyway. Try to be kind. To not be dicks.

Be kind, friends, and that outfit looks great on you. (I obviously can’t see any of your outfits, lest you think I’m creeping from the tree outside your room, but I’m sure you look fab. Save some of that kindness for yourselves!)

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