Lost Twenty-Something on Lockdown

Lost Twenty-Something on Lockdown sounds like a pretty shit movie, huh? Yet somehow this has become our actual lives. I’m finding real life so unbelievably surreal. Perhaps it’s because I write fairly apocalyptic fiction—I have not set myself up to be in the best frame of mind about all this!

I listen for something from the outside world. There used to be children playing, cars rolling past, and neighbours talking over their fences. Now, no matter how hard I listen, I can’t hear anything. Where there used to be life there’s only an eerie silence.

Or perhaps you’d like an excerpt of my novel that’s more jolly?

The curfew siren continues to whine, the sound piercing me with each wail. In the darkness, the cobbles beneath my knees look like skulls polished by wear, while the war memorial gleams bone white. Death hangs close and heavy.

The protesters have gone now, whether by choice or force, I’ll never know. Pools of blood stain the ground, interrupted by fallen signs and a single overturned trainer.

Shit, Rebecca.

For those of you who aren’t in the UK what I’m yabbering on about is at 8:30pm last night Boris Johnson (our bumbling fool of a Prime Minister) read out a speech (very poorly, learn to read an autocue!) saying we now have to stay in our homes unless we are a key worker. If we aren’t we can also leave the house once a day for exercise. So, basically, we’re all dogs now. Careful what you wish for and all that.

I’m equal parts relieved and terrified. Relieved because finally we have a concrete order, to stay indoors for our own health, and can stop waiting for the lockdown to begin. It has officially begun. We have lockdown. Yet I’m terrified because people still don’t seem to be taking this seriously and we don’t actually have an end date. For someone as into planning as I am…that’s stressful.

Regardless, day one of lockdown is now in the bag. It’s done and we made it though. Only…maybe another two weeks and six days (but probably longer) to go. Bloody yikes. However, this is all so much bigger than us, and so much more important than our wanting to go picnic in the park or work in a coffee shop once in a while. There’s a lot of financial stress, as I mentioned in a previous post, for a lot of people but for now this is our new normal. More on that later.

As we all have time on our hands, I’m going to post as near to every day as is possible during this…very strange period of time. When I can focus on anything except the brewing apocalypse anyway (seriously, I spent hours today just sitting staring into space. Is anyone else doing that?).

If there’s any kind of content you would or would not like to see please comment or message me. You can also follow me on Instagram @TheRGibson where you can see everything from what I’m eating to what the sunbeams look like through my window (it’s thrilling stuff, but in my defence I moved away from my dog, so what else can I post?). Let me know what you want from me, anyway. We shall get through this and all that other cheesy bollocks every Instagrammer under the sun is spewing.


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