Productivity On Lockdown

Scrolling through social media recently (and there’s been a lot of scrolling) I’ve been feeling the pressure to be productive. To churn out more work than ever now I’m having to stay home all day. I want to make this lockdown count. However, it isn’t that easy, is it? On day two of official lockdown I achieved these things…

  • Wore pyjamas until eleven.
  • Got dressed into actual people clothes.
  • Consumed approximately 1kg of sugar.
  • Spent an hour lying on the rug staring at the ceiling and convincing myself I was there to exercise (I did not exercise).
  • Made five cups of tea.
  • Drank all but one of said teas before they went cold.
  • Did a thirty minute YouTube yoga class (just now because I felt bad about my staring at the ceiling exercise earlier…)
  • Spent the other many hours staring at the wall. Or at a blank page of my computer screen. Or raiding the cupboard for snacks while thinking about how I shouldn’t be eating all the snacks.

Oh, and I also did this…

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My point here, though, is there’s no right way to do this lockdown thing. I know the tendency is to think about all the things you should achieve in this next three+ weeks of time. It’s what we’ve always begged the universe for, right? All the time in the world to crack on with writing that book, or learning that craft, or whatever else. Except we never bargained on that begged-for time being given to us because of a pandemic. Because of an international health crisis. And, honestly, thinking about it takes up quite a bit of mental energy all on its own. It’s stressful.

I want to finish my screenplay, write a new novel, tidy the flat, build a freelance empire, find the magic formula to becoming a millionaire blogger, but anxiety sure does take up a lot of space in a person. Enough that there’s not always a lot left for thinking of creative pursuits and earth-shattering business ideas.

But that is okay.

Our instinct is to fight in situations like this. Fight for our species and our planet! Yet we’re being told to just sit inside and watch TV. It goes against everything our bodies and minds have evolved to do. There isn’t anything to fight. So we sit and stare at the wall, we scroll endlessly for information, and we beat ourselves up for not doing enough.

Surviving is enough.

Staying inside is enough.

If all you do in your day is getting out of bed and drink a glass of water it’s enough.

There are no rules for lockdown so there’s no way to do it wrong.

Just stay safe. Stay inside. Wash yo hands.

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